IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems
18-21 December 2022 // Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Workshop on “Blockchain Technology and Advanced Cryptographic Techniques for Elastic Optical Networks (BC-EON)”

Motivation and Objectives

Traditional elastic optical networks lack network performance as well as resource utilization. Hence, improvement is required in the existing network model. Besides, the same network model needs a spectrum management system in order to achieve reliability during proper resource utilization. The proposed network model will support high-speed transmission. So, the outcome of the proposal will be much useful where high internet traffic exists. Additionally, the proposed technology considering and providing protection on all types of security concerns by designing the required security protocol of the proposed network. Therefore, this workshop proposal’s main motivation is to find research activities on how blockchain can be introduced in elastic optical networks to get several security, reliability, and network performance benefits. The major objective of this workshop is as follows:

  • To increase awareness about the elastic optical networks and the baseline security mechanism.
  • Developing a sustainable solution for elastic optical networks is the second objective of this workshop. The solution finally provides more security and offers better network resource utilization.
    To further increase the efficiency of conventional optical networks, this workshop investigates the possible architectural changes in the optical networks, which are more suited to the elastic optical networks.
  • This workshop discusses the spectrum management schemes for the elastic optical networks that could improve the network efficiency and reliability during resource allocation.
  • This workshop studies and promotes new methods to measure and assess basic and advanced security levels in elastic optical networks.
  • To store the data securely on end parties (or servers), the proposed workshop discusses the lightweight cryptographic protocol for the elastic optical networks and develops the prototype solution for the same.
  • Discussion on the theoretical and practical implementation of prototype solutions for elastic optical networks is also one of the workshop’s objectives.

Description of the Workshop Proposal

Optical technology is at a turning point as the coherent transmission is now becoming economically viable with high transmission rates of optical networks (wireless networks have enjoyed this advantage at a much lower transmission rate for a number of years). Coherent transmission is a technology that combines amplitude modulation, phase modulation, and polarization to transmit large amounts of information through optical fibers. A number of modulation techniques (besides the conventional and widely used on/off) are now available to increase the spectral efficiency of optical transmission systems. However, we still need to identify the right network architecture that will propagate spectrum efficiency up from the physical layer all the way to the applications eliminating unnecessary overheads introduced by the intermediate layers while maintaining the security issues in different SDN layers and data centers, which are connected virtually to backbone networks. In other words, the question here is how we can design backbone networks in such a way that applications can best harness transmission capabilities across campus/access, metro, and core areas, while at the same time security in different levels should be maintained?

In this era, data traffic growth is increasing exponentially. It demands a network that supports high-speed data transmission and is also effective when considering the cost of the network. To achieve a high transmission rate, the elastic optical network is used that can support the data rate up to 400GBPS. The elastic optical network has many challenges such as energy consumption, cost, spectrum efficiency, availability, and many more. On the other side of the coin, blockchain is one of the hottest topics to provide more trust and security. In the blockchain-based system, resources are distributed, and they jointly perform a task such that each individual of the network can see the same amount of data. In the context of elastic optical networks, spectrum management is one of the challenging tasks. If these two technologies (i.e., elastic optical networks and blockchain) are combined, the afore-mentioned problem is quickly resolved. Blockchain achieves decentralization so that trusted third parties such as spectrum licensees’ managers are not required. Spectrum sharing rules are implemented efficiently, and each one of the networks can see the total spectrum usage. Once the spectrum records are recorded in the blockchain, no one can change them. Therefore, auditing of the spectrum records and their usage are done very efficiently because the spectrum sharing records are always available in the blockchain network. Also, the elastic optical network needs strong security against various attacks such as to reply attacks, main-in-middle attacks, etc. Blockchain technology resists these possible attacks and can provide an advanced level of security to elastic optical networks.

Scope and Topics of the Workshop

This workshop aims at providing a snapshot of the status and progress of the recent development on blockchain technology and cryptographic Techniques for Elastic Optical Networks. The workshop will cover key topics related to blockchain technology, elastic optical networks (EON) and Cryptographic solutions but not limited to

  • Blockchain based Network Infrastructure of EON
  • Optical switching, devices and possible architectures
  • Optical transport networks and Security
  • Optical switching, devices and architectures
  • Data center networks and Security with Blockchain
  • Failure monitoring and localization
  • Fragmentation and Defragmentation Techniques
  • Optical network security
  • Energy-efficient optical networks and systems
  • Optical Access Networks, FTTx
  • Blockchain technology
  • Smart contract algorithm for Blockchain
  • Spectrum management in EoN
  • Blockchain based solution for Spectrum Management
  • Spectrum allocation system
  • Consensus protocol
  • Security solution on EoN
  • Security Attacks and Protection on EON
  • SDN solution on EON
  • Advanced Optical network
  • NFV/SDN implementation
  • Software defined network
  • Network deployment optimization.

Workshop Organizers:

Important dates:

  • Paper submission: 08 November 2021
  • Acceptance notification: 16 November 2021
  • Final submission: 25 November 2021

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