IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems
18-21 December 2022 // Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

Camera-Ready Paper Submission Guidelines

Camera-ready Submission Deadline: November 18, 2022 (Hard Deadline)
Each author is required to register at the full-rate author registration rate (non-student). One full-author registration is good to present up to 3 accepted papers by the same author(s).

Please note the following registration policy.

IEEE and IEEE Communications Society Policies:
  • All IEEE ANTS 2022 technical paper must be associated with an author registration at the FULL rate. For authors presenting multiple papers, one FULL registration is valid for up to three papers by the same author(s). IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from IEEE Xplore) if the paper is not presented by an author at the conference.

Please note that without full author registration and presentation at the conference, paper will not be published in IEEE Xplore.

There are two steps to complete the camera-ready upload process for IEEE ANTS 2022. Please ensure that you include all the authors’ names and designation in the PDF file camera ready manuscript. The authors’ names should match with the ones provided during the paper registration for review process. You can also provide the funding details and other acknowledgements that were removed during the review process to comply with the double-blind review policy.

Access the IEEE PDF eXpress plus site at:


  1. Click “New Users – Click Here.” If you already have an account, please enter your login information and enter information below:
  2. Enter the Conference ID [56424X], your email address, and choose a new password. Continue to enter information as prompted.
  3. Check that the contact information is still valid, and click “Submit”.


  1. Enter the Conference ID [56424X], your email address, and enter the password you used for your old account.
  2. When you click “Login”, simply click “Continue”. You will need to re-confirm your password. You can use the existing password or a new password.
  3. You will receive online and email confirmation of successful account setup/creation.


  1. Enter the Conference ID [56424X], email address and password. You will be prompted to check your information. Once you accept it you will move to the next page.
  2. For each conference paper, click “Create New Title”.
  3. Enter identifying text for the paper (title is recommended but not required).
  4. Click “Submit PDF for Checking” or “Submit Source Files for Checking or Converting”.
  5. Indicate platform, source file type (if applicable), click Browse and navigate to file, and click “Upload File”. You will receive online and email confirmation of successful upload.
  6. You will receive an email with your Checked PDF or IEEE PDF eXpress Plus-converted PDF attached. If you submitted a PDF for Checking, the email will show if your file passed or failed.
  7. Download the successfully converted PDF file to your computer. You will need to upload this file on the EDAS system.

Please leave the registration code blank, as validation of payment is done by third party.

Once you have the PDF-Express generated camera-ready paper, login to the EDAS system and select your ANTS paper. From there on, follow the instructions below to submit the camera-ready submission:

  1. Uploading final manuscripts for accepted papers is essentially the same as uploading your review manuscript. Do NOT register a new paper!
  2. Before you upload your paper, make sure that the paper title and the ordered list of authors in the PDF is identical to the information you have entered in EDAS. Also, make sure you specify on EDAS who will be presenting the paper at the conference. The presenter noted via EDAS is the author that must be registered. If the presenter noted via EDAS cannot register for the conference, please update the presenter information to the correct registered author. This is also vise-versa. The registered author must be the presenter at the conference. Transfer of registration/presentation will only be approved by the TPC first.
  3. Note: You cannot add or remove authors after the paper has been accepted.
  4. Within EDAS, go to “My papers” and click on the link under “Upload paper” (refer to the figure below).
  5. During upload, EDAS checks whether your paper meets the conference formatting requirements. In particular, it checks that all fonts are embedded.

Authors of accepted papers should also submit the copyright form via the (c) link in the “My Papers” tab, as shown below:

A link to the copyright page can also be found within each paper page.

IEEE and IEEE Communications Society Policies:

IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from IEEE Xplore) if the paper is not presented at the conference.

Papers are reviewed on the basis that they do not contain plagiarized material and have not been submitted to any other conference at the same time (double submission). These matters are taken very seriously and the IEEE Communications society will take action against any author who engages in either practice. Follow these links to learn more: IEEE Policy on Plagiarism and IEEE Policy on Double Submission.

Submitted papers must be unpublished and not currently under review for any other publication. Authors of accepted papers will need to sign an IEEE copyright release form and present their paper at the conference. If you have any questions regarding the submission of manuscripts, please contact the Technical Program Co-Chairs or the Publications Chair.

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