IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems
18-21 December 2022 // Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

International Workshop on UAV Swarms for Internet of Vehicles (IoV)

Workshop Organizers

  • RajivMisra, IIT Patna, India.
  • SupratikMukhopadhyay, LouisianaStateUniversity, USA
  • Debasis Das, IIT Jodhpur, India.

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To enable a large-scale and ubiquitous automotive network, traditional vehicles-to-everything (V2X) technology is evolving to the Internet of vehicles(IoV) for increasing demand for emerging advanced vehicular applications such as transportation systems, autonomous vehicles (automatic driving), Intelligent traffic control, and collaborative environmental perception, which require extensive data transmission and information exchange that are beyond the capability of conventional connected vehicles. Due to their flexibility and high maneuverability, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can quickly provide wireless connection to ground vehicles in the mobile environment. In the current scenario, the IoV mainly relies on the ground communication network. However, the ground wireless network will have a great limitation when supplying communication services for the areas where ground facilities are lacking or paralyzed. To deal with these issues the space-air-ground integrated vehicle network, constituted of satellites, high-altitude platforms, and low-altitude UAVs has become an effective method to supply services to vehicles in various situations. A UAV-enabled Network provides the facility of low price, strong mobility, and easy deployment. The UAV can quickly form a network with ground vehicles and provide them with reliable data transmission. Fading links are used in the ground network, which leads to poor transmission performance, whereas line-of-sight (LOS)links will be established between UAVs and Vehicles which will bring better transmission performance. Currently an extensive number of possible research, challenges are there in the development of the UAV-enabled internet of vehicles. As a result, the workshop’s theme is to invite various national and international academia, research professionals, Industry, and government entities to present their quality research work. IEEE ANTS is an important annual event in India and therefore, it is imperative to organize such value-added session/workshop. The proposed half workshop is focused on the latest development and future scope. The half-day workshop would cover a broad range of possible investigations in the field of UAV Swarm for the Internet of vehicles.



The workshop is mainly focused on technology, use case, and demonstration related to UAV Swarm for the internet of vehicles It will provide a platform for researchers, and service/network providers to gather together and discuss related issues, challenges, and solutions.

Formate and Schedule:

The workshop is being planned for half day. It will have invited/keynote speakers’ talk, demonstration, panel discussion, and paper presentation. Normally, invited talks are arranged from expert groups from the United States, Italy,andAustralia,aswell as from industries (Google, Amazon, and Microsoft).

Planned format and Tentative Schedule



                              Event Time
     Introduction (by Workshop Organizers)


2.00 PM -2.15 PM
       Key Notes/Invited Talks-1 2.15 PM- 3.15 PM
                      Break( 15 Min.) 3.15 PM-3.30 PM
        Key Notes/Invited Talks-2 3.30 PM-4.30 PM
      Technical Papers presentation (4 x 15 minutes)


4.30 PM-5.30 PM


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